What Makes Italo's Pasta Sauce Better, or Different?

This question was recently asked by a customer, we thought it was a good question. So, here's the answer. Let's first look at ingredients. All red pasta sauce contains tomatoes, so why do some taste bitter? Many companies make their sauce from paste, look at the label, it will say something like "tomato puree (paste and water)". That means they used paste as the main ingredient. Pasta is NOT made from the best tomatoes, in fact it includes many tomatoes that can't be used elsewhere. Paste based sauces are usually very bitter or acidic tasting.

Which brings me to my next order of explanation, sugar! This is why you see sugar as an ingredient in so many jar sauces. Sugar fixes the awful taste of bad tomatoes. Of course, it now creates a new problem, it takes a healthy food, and makes it unhealthy. Added sugar is BAD. Another trick that fixes the taste of bad tomatoes is using any other ingredient that turns to sugar (still adding sugar), but in a we fooled you sort of way. Carrots are a tricky way of adding sugar because as they cook down, they turn to sugar, so if you see strange ingredients, like carrots, this is why.

Another thing that really affects the taste of pasta sauce is fresh ingredients. That doesn't mean "frozen fresh", it means they look, smell, and taste like they just came from a farm! That kind of fresh. Why is this so important? Garlic for example, immediately release an enzyme known as alliinase when it is broken down by cutting, crushing, or chopping. Once released, alliinase is not very stable, so if not used right away, this very healthy (and pungent) enzyme goes away. The health benefits of fresh veggies is well documented. The point here is that ingredients like basil, onion, and garlic have wonderful health benefits, but only when fresh! These benefits diminish greatly after being cut, which damages the cells and releases the healthy enzymes.

pasta sauce fresh basil
pasta sauce olive oilpasta sauce fresh garlic

Back to the original question, Why is Italo's pasta sauce better or different than others? Here's the low down; We use only top quality Jersey tomatoes as our base (no paste). Because we use excellent tomatoes, we don't have to add sugar or any other sweetener. Next, we use only farm fresh basil, onion, and garlic, cut fresh everyday for production! We further use only imported Italian extra virgin olive oil, along with Mediterranean sea salt, and other fresh ingredients for our other flavors. For instance, our pork Italian sausage is made fresh in house. The next and very important part of the process, is truly knowing how to cook. You can't fake that. The golden rule of cooking, no matter what you're cooking is, the right ratio of ingredients! No one flavor should ever dramatically over-power the others. So now you know most of what makes our sauce amazing, I said most... I'll never tell all the secrets. Thanks for reading, and be sure and leave comments or questions.

Peace, Love, and Italo's

peace love and Italo's


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