All About Italo's Gourmet Pasta Sauce

Italo's gourmet pasta sauce was truly started because of a love of food, and the social and familial connection. For many families, including ours, dinner time was the one time of day that the entire family was sure to be together. This made it special. Of course, it was also the center-piece of large family gatherings or special occasions, like Sunday dinners, or holidays.

Our story started when my grandparents on both sides of my family tree arrived from Italy. My paternal grandfather (Luigi) from Reggio Calabria, in the southernmost part of the boot, and my paternal grandmother (Maria), from Naples arrived in 1919 and settled in NYC. My maternal grandfather (Thomas) grew up in Hoboken NJ and married my grandmother Lydia who had just immigrated from Faeto Italy in the Provence of Foggia, located in the Apulia region. 

Because of our love of fine Italian food, in 2015, our family decided to share these recipes with the world, and Italo's Gourmet Food was born! We have stayed true to the things that were most important to our grandparents... first and foremost, ALWAYS fresh ingredients, second, the proper ratio of ingredients (no one ingredient should over-power the rest), and third, make everything with love. That's why our company motto is; Peace, Love, and Italo's. Buon appetito sempre!