Pasta Sauce by Italo's Gourmet-Fresh Basil

Italo's Fresh Basil pasta sauce is made first with love, then we add a bunch of really fresh ingredients to complete our masterpiece. What makes our pasta sauce better than the rest? First we start with Jersey tomatoes, picked at the perfect time to ensure just the right balance of sweetness and acidity. 

Why Jersey tomatoes? Because Jersey tomatoes are the product of painstaking cultivation by Rutgers University to provide a specific type of tomato perfectly suited for sauces. In fact, our farm partners only get their seeds from Rutgers. 

Our farm partners care about the planet and the land they grow on, for that reason they rotate farming acreage to ensure quality soil for our tomatoes. We locally source all ingredients that can be, our onions come from the rich black soil of Pine Island NY, our garlic is grown in New Jersey, our basil is grown on rooftops in New York City, go figure. Of course, olives don't grow in New Jersey , so our extra virgin olive oil comes from Italy, along with our Mediterranean sea salt. Our basil is hand cut fresh daily, and all of these fresh ingredients are simmered in multiple 80 gal kettles (small batch), until the flavors come to life to create our full flavor, authentic pasta sauce.